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My “awesome*” weekend at Capclave 2011

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday attending Capclave 2011 at its new hotel up in Gaithersberg, Maryland. Saturday was an experiment for us. Kelly was spending the day at a bachelorette party, going from one winery to the next and I would be at the convention. We had a babysitter staying with the Little Man and the Little Miss from 10am until I got home at 6pm. The experiment was a success. The kids were fine. And the babysitter worked out very well.


On Saturday, I arrived at Capclave around 9:30am. As soon as I walked into the hotel lobby I ran into Edmund Schubert, editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, and the man who bought my first story. We caught up quickly and then wandered over to the con-ops room to get our badges and other goodies. My schedule for the day was pretty wide open. My first panel wasn’t until 3pm. Once I’d collected my badge, I wandered over to the area where the Kaffeeklatches were being held. I’d signed up for the KK with Edmund and Alethea Kontis. Present at the table was Kat Otis, who I’d first met in the green room at the Nebula Weekend back in May; Larry Hodges; and one woman whose name I cannot recall, but who had some fascinating stories to tell about her teachers. (The discussion at the table was wide and varied, which was a good thing.)

After that I went wandering briefly through the huckster room (I guess they actually call them dealer rooms now) to see if I could find any pre-1950 Astoundings¬†that I didn’t already have. Alas, there were none to be had. I wandered back into the lobby where I saw Scott Edelman and I chatted with Scott for a while.

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