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Late this afternoon, Jen, Jason and I headed over to the Commerce Bank near their house and I made use of the “Penny Arcade” to get cash for all of the change that I brought up with me. Jen had the bag of dimes, Jason the bag of nickels, and I had the bag of quarters. It was pretty quiet in the bank and there were no lines. I walked up to the machine, pulled the the bag of quarters out of my pocket, and the bag broke and they promptly spilled all over the floor. Fortunately there was no one in line behind us because it took a few minutes to get the quarters cleaned up.

Jen put the dimes in the other machine and promptly filled it up, so we needed to call a teller to have them empty the machine. But after about 10 minutes of time, we had our receipts, and a few minutes later, we had our cash: about $150 because I didn’t bring the pennies with me.

We walked around the neighborhood for a while; I got a Balance energy bar and some water, and promptly bit the dickens out of my right cheek. We stopped in at Ryan’s Daughter’s bar for a beer and to watch a few inninngs of the Yankee game. Now we are back and Jen and Jason’s and planning on going to for Italian food at about 8 PM.

Colds and coins

I woke up this morning feeling like my allergies were really acting up again–only this time I think it might be a cold, and not allergies. I took Clariton and Benedryl this morning and that didn’t seem to do much. Plus, I’ve got that cold-like feeling in my head. Summer colds are the worst. I hate them! I took a Tylenol Cold a little while ago, and I feel a little better, but it sucks to be getting a cold right now; my train to New York leaves in 2-1/2 hours!

Incidentally, my duffle bag weighs about a ton and a half today because of the vast quantities of change I am carrying up to New York with me. In fact, I looked up how much various pieces of change weigh and based on my estimates, the change I am carrying around with me today weighs about 5.176 kg or about 11 lbs.

How I figured this out without a scale

FOLLOWUP: New York City on $2/day

Following up on yesterday’s post, I counted all of the change in my desk drawer this morning, and instead of being twice what I had it was home, when I eliminated all of the pennies, it was about half of what I had at home. But that’s still not bad. Here’s the breakdown:

Quarters $26.00
Dimes $17.00
Nickels $9.00
Total $52.00

With the $117 from home, that brings the grand total to $169.00. I’m a little disappointed because I thought it might be more, but there were a lot more pennies than I realized, and I wasn’t going to count them. Even so, $169 is plenty for a good meal and some drinks.

Also, it is a great relief to finally be rid of all of this change. My desk drawer here at work looks so empty now. I guess I’ll have to start filling it up again for next year.

New York City on $2/day

This weekend in NYC, I planning on having a fun time; at least one nice dinner with jen_ashlock and Jason, and who knows what other good times. Jen and Jason have put themselves on a no-eating-out budget in the month of July, but I have a plan that will allow us to still have at least one nice meal out (maybe drinks too) without putting the slightly dent in their wallets.

It’s New York City on $2/day.

You don’t beleive this is possible, do you? Well…

Read on, fellow skeptic…