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My Strange Horizons contest prize has arrived

Recall a few weeks back when I was the randomly-selected winner of Strange Horizons’ donation drive? Well, yesterday, my prizes arrived, the two gorgeous, hardcover volumes of Paul Cornell’s Superman: The Black Ring.


And Mr. Cornell was kind enough to sign them, too:


Thanks again to Strange Horizons and Paul Cornell. This was a really nice surprise!

Apex Digest Halloween Short Fiction Contest

Via Edmund Schubert, Apex Science Fiction and Horror digest is having it’s third annual Halloween Short Fiction Contest. The stories have to be 2,500 words or less, and the theme has to be on the post-apocalypse.

As it turns out, I had a 600-word short-short that I have not yet sold, but that I like very much, and that, with some changes, would work well as a post-apocalyptic story. This evening, therefore, I rewrote the story, expanding it to nearly twice its original length. I read it out loud and I like it very much. Integrating the post-apocalyptic theme definitely helped to improve the story.

Tomorrow, I’ll give it a final proof-reading and clarity, and then send it off to the contest. It will mark the first time I have ever submitted fiction to a contest.

The title of the story is, “Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”.

The contest

For reasons I am still unclear on, I proposed, over the weekend, that all us guys going on vacation in 19 days refrain from shaving until said vacation was upon us. Everyone agreed and jkashlock has already posted a picture of himself. He challenged me to do the same.

When I proposed this, I hadn’t shaved in about a week, and last night, feeling terribly itchy, I did shave, thinking that no one would really take my challenge seriously. When I was done, I found that Jason had posted his picture, and so now, of course, the game is on. I’ll post a picture later this week, and then periodically thereafter over the next 20 days.

Originally, the idea was for us to shave once on board the ship, but I got to thinking it might be better to shave the day before we left so that our faces better matched our passport pictures.

Why are we doing this? No good reason other than to give us another way to pass the 19 days between now and when we leave on the trip.

The 1,000th comment!

The winner of my secret 1,000th comment contest (secret because no one but me knew about it) is none other than strausmouse, who put the 1,000th comment on my blog with this ditty. Eric’s prize is a one-year paid subscription to LJ. Think of it as a “thank you” to all my loyal readers. (Of course, only one person won, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Maybe I’ll hold a similar contest for the 10,000th comment posted to my blog. And another for the 100,000th comment. If I last that long…