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A question for comic book fans about the whole DC Comics renumbering thing


I’ve never read comic books.

Well, maybe once or twice when I was a kid and someone gave one to me, I might have skimmed it, but I never really got into them, certainly never voluntarily bought any, and never collected comics. This is nothing again comic books. I was just too busy with other things: science fiction, Little League, and the usual trouble that a 10-year old will find himself in. By the time I became a serious fan of science fiction (that is–by the time I recognized there was a fandom and I was part of it) my preferences had been molded. Given the choice between a new science fiction novel or a new comic book, I’d always choose the former over the latter.

On the other hand, I’ve always been a fan of Superman. When I was a kid, I’d watch reruns of The Adventures of Superman. I’d run around the house with a towel hanging from my shirt like a cape, pretending to fly. I watched reruns of Superman: The Movie and Superman II on HBO endlessly. I was delighted by the Lois & Clark series, watched every episode of Smallville breathlessly. I even enjoyed the Superman Returns reboot of a few years ago. To this day, however, I’ve never read a Superman comic.

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