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Turning in…

Long day today. I had to stay late at work to be in a meeting that demonstrated some software I’ve been working on for a while now. Because of that, and some minor delays on the train this evening, and the fact that I had to stop at the gas station to put gas in the car, I didn’t get home until after 6:30 PM, which is pretty late for me.

National Treasure came via NetFlix today and so I watched that this evening. It was okay, nothing spectacular, that’s for sure.

I’m through nearly 400 pages of Gotham and I’m really enjoying it–really getting into it, even though I’m a little behind schedule if I want to finish it up by the end of March (which is now halfway over!) I need to pick up the pace a little bit.

Otherwise, I’m pretty tired this evening, so I’m turning in…

A night off

I gave myself the night off tonight. No reading, no writing. I got “Must Love Dogs” from NetFlix so I sat down and watched that this evening. Good movie. And I packed and got ready for the trip to Las Vegas tomorrow night.

Did 70 pushups tonight.

Also arranged to get together with Rich and Tricia sometime the weekend of March 18-19.

And I am looking at my alarm clock right now and it is set!

Lois & Clark Season 2

So I got Lois & Clark season two–something I’ve been waiting to come out for quite a while. Actually, I couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered it from Amazon.com a couple of weeks ago. It shipped today–and I should get the shipment next week. But I just couldn’t wait. So I went to Target and bought it and brought it home. When I get the Amazon shipment, I’ll send it back unopened–no harm.

I’ve been relaxing this evening by watching a few episodes, when instead, I should probably be reading or writing (or running!) I guess in this day and age, instant gratification is king.

Lois & Clark: Season 2

Lois & Clark Season 2 comes out on DVD one week from today and I placed my order through Amazon.com this evening. Smallville is currently one of my favorite shows, and I can recall watching and enjoying Lois & Clark back when it was originally airing, but I only saw the last two seasons, never the first two. I bought the first season when it first came out on DVD and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting season two once it’s shipped.