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E. E. “Doc” Smith to the rescue

The last two days have been incredibly hectic with virtually no time for me to just stop and take a breath. However, at lunch today, I managed to wrangle 25 minutes and in that time, I picked up my November 1939 issue of Astounding and continued reading the second installment of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s “Gray Lensman”. I’m not going to discuss the story here; you’ll have to wait for my post on Monday to read about it. But what I will say is this:

For the first time since I stated this vacation in the Golden Age, the world and all of its stresses really faded into the background. During that brief 25 minute my office melted away, my concerns about meeting and projects and various deadlines disappeared. It was me, and Smith and Kimball Kinnison racing on his adventures trying to find and defeat Boskone. It was an honest to goodness vacation from the stresses of the day and I came out of the other side of that 25 minutes feeling genuinely refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

It made me decide that, tonight at least, I’m not going to try to squeeze in any writing. I’m giving myself the night off. I’m not interested in watching any television. The Little Man is in bed and Kelly will be going up shortly. Instead, once the nightly chores are complete, I’m taking that issue of Astounding and sitting down with a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk and I’m finishing up the second part of “Gray Lensman”. Heck, I may even continue right on into Heinlein’s “Misfits”. The rest of the world can just wait.