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The new GPS

As I mentioned earlier, our GPS died yesterday. It was a Garmin GPS (the model number escapes me at the moment) but it provided outstanding service for almost exactly 4 years. This morning, I replaced the device with a Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT device.


Naturally, I bought another Garmin device. Aside from the old one working so well, I used Garmin products back when I used to fly and I find them to be extremely dependable. And boy, have GPS’s come a long way in the last four years. This one has a number of cool features:

  • It is a “flat” device, thin and with a bigger screen than the old GPS.
  • It has that cool lane transition screen that shows you in detail which lane you need to be in on those complex interchanges.
  • It shows you the speed limit in the area in which you are driving.
  • It shows you the direction of the next turn right on the navigation screen. On my old GPS, I had to change to a different screen to see this.

One other really cool thing about this device: it came with free lifetime map upgrades and free lifetime traffic.

I already have it set up in the car, with the wiring behind the dashboard like the old GPS, and I’ve tested it out. It’s pretty cool.

It’s also nice to have been able to replace the broken one so quickly. We’ll give the new GPS a real test tomorrow when we drive home.

Blog on IDrive: Cloud backups and peace of mind

I have been using IDrive since the fall of 2009 as a means for securely backing up all of my data, and while I’ve posted about it before, I’ve never really done so in detail. But it is worth blogging about because it is, in my mind, the perfect solution for data backups*.

When people talk about backups, they are usually only talking about half of a solution. It is one thing to make sure the data on your computer is backed up. It is quite another to be able to quickly and easily restore that data. IDrive is a complete solution, one that makes restoring data as easy as backing it up.

IDrive is a cloud-backup solution. That is, it backs up your data, whether you are on a Macintosh or Windows computer, to the Internet. It does so in a secure fashion, and your files are accessible to you from anywhere you have Internet access. Like most backup systems, IDrive typically will do a full backup of your computer (or the files that you select) and then subsequent backups are incremental, backing up only those files that have changed.

We have all heard stories–if not experienced for ourselves–the frustration, if not pain, of losing data. My biggest loss came a month or two before I started using IDrive. The hard disk on my MacBook died. I was backing up to an external disk, but it wasn’t a completely automated backup and I did lose some data that I wasn’t able to recreate, most importantly some photos from a trip to Europe. After the loss, I went about looking for the best possible solution for backing up data. Being an application developer by day, and working in a large company, I had some notion of what worked and what didn’t, what people tended to complain about and what they liked. My set of requirements looked something like this:

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