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Saturday afternoon in Georgetown

I headed down to Foggy Bottom to meet AJ and Denisse at their place. Their A/C is not working so we did not stay there long. We headed to News Cafe for a late lunch. Somehow, we managed to wrangle the private room in the back. The food was good and so was the company. In addition to AJ and Denisse, a couple of their friends joined us, one from England, the other from Germany.

After lunch, we got some ice cream and then headed down to the waterfront, where we relaxed in the shade for an hour or two. Everyone wanted to go out for a drink, and we walked around Georgetown trying to find a suitable place. When we finally found a place, it was already 10 PM and I was done for the evening. I excused myself and headed back to the metro station and then back home. I was home by about 11:30 PM.

It was good seeing AJ and Denisse. AJ is going to go to the Oriole’s game with me tomorrow, so I’ll see him again soon.