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My Google Writing Tracker Scripts Now Available on GitHub

Lot of people have asked if would make the code for my Google Writing Tracker scripts available. I’ve been saying “eventually” long enough. As of this morning, the core scripts are now available on GitHub.

A few comments:

  1. These are unsupported scripts. I say this not because I don’t think they will work (I’ve been using them flawlessly for months) and not because I don’t think there will be bugs (there always are), but because I have no time to support them. This also means I can’t help you install the scripts. Use this scripts at your own risk. If you use them incorrectly, you can lose work.
  2. Read the documentation. The setup is a bit cumbersome, and needs to be precise, but once the scripts are setup, and as long as you follow the directions, the system should work well.
  3. The scripts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you are a coder and want to make changes or add your own stuff, by all means have at it!
  4. The first scripts released will keep track of your daily word count and send a HTML email message of your daily writing (adds, deletes and changes) to an email address if your choice (you can use your Evernote email address if you want these to go directly into Evernote). The scripts do not include my Daily Almanac scripts. Those are way too customized for me right now and I don’t have the time to generalize them. Eventually, but not anytime soon.

Once you’ve got the scripts setup, the process becomes easy. Do all of your writing work in the Sandbox folder. Be sure when you are editing a document that you are editing the version in your Sandbox folder and not the version in your Sandbox/Earlier folder. Edits to the latter will be lost. Otherwise, write every day and your word counts and changes should be captured as documented.

I am interested to know how they work for folks, so drop a comment if you end up using the scripts.