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Haircut and a shopping, two cents!

I finally got around to getting a haircut today. It was slightly overdue and I feel much better. Getting a haircut is much like mowing the lawn. There is something about looking at a freshly mowed lawn that reminds me of a new haircut, and there is something about a new haircut that reminds me of a freshly mowed lawn.

I did the grocery shopping today and it was one of those days where the stuff I usually buy all happened to have various bonus card discounts at once, so that a $70 grocery bill came out to a hair over $50 once all of the discounts were deducted. I felt pretty good about that, even though it took no planning on my part.


Yes, I decided that today would be haircut day and headed down to Bubbles, here in the mall that my office building sits atop to get a haircut. Different person this time, as usual, but my hair is now shorter and I feel a little bit lighter. It seems as though my hair has been growing in faster for some reason. I feel like I am getting a haircut every few weeks. This ain’t cheap, considering it’s $30 plus tip at this place. In any event, it’s done and I can now be happy with my hair for a few weeks.