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Busy, busy, busy! It’s been busy at work the last few days with no immediate end in sight, although my meeting schedule is a bit more forgiving tomorrow, with only 3 hours of meetings, and then, finally! a long weekend!

I was beat when I headed home last night, and when I turned into my driveway, I got my car stuck in the snow, which I figured was soft and which I could ignore. I then had to spent 10 minutes digging around my tires so I could back out. I parked on the street. I’ll probably do the same. There is no way I am going to try and shovel what is essentially a several inch thick block of ice. It’ll warm up and melt eventually. In the meantime, there is always the street.

Tired as I was, I was also incredibly embarrassed by this, but fortunately none of my neighbors saw what was essentially a rookie mistake on my part. I blame it on being tired, but I could just as easily blame it on being lazy since I know better. But I got my desserts. I don’t like leaving my car on the street and last night my dreams were filled with anxiety because of it. I dreamed that I took a bus trip and after getting of the bus, realized I forgot my suitcase on the bus, but the bus was nowhere to be found. Arrgh!

Some would say I’m juggling at work; others might describe it as treading water. I’m working on no less than 5 projects, three of which I have fairly substantial involvement in. I’m barely staying afloat. It’s not as bad as it used to be. It used to be that I would work all night and all weekend and every waking moment to try and stay ahead. Now I just think about doing it, but eventually come to my senses. Work is still work. I try not to think about it when I leave the office.

The ice storm

We are having what is called an “ice storm” here today. In the 4-1/2 years that I have been in the DC area, this is my first ice storm. It was cool today but not cold. Temps were in the 20s and it drizzled throughout the day. Then about halfway through the day it started icing. This is different than snow or freezing rain. Tiny ice pellets, the size of small raindrops fall from the sky and hit the ground. On the grass they look like snow. But on the roads they don’t. It doesn’t accumulate on the roads either. Instead it turns them white. It essentially coats the roads in a thin layer of ice.

It is yet another reason to be glad that I have a great commute. The government closed early today to let people get home. Traffic was horrendous. I caught a 4 PM train and was home by 4:40. It took a little longer than usual because I drove at half my normal speed on the way home. My car slid on the road every time I made a slight turn, so you had to drive slowly. Regardless, I got home safely. But the roads are terrible.

There is supposed to be a brief warm front that passes through in the morning with some heavy rain. Then more cold and ice. It’s supposed to be an awful commute tomorrow but I leave early enough to where it shouldn’t be a problem.