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My IFTTT Twitter RSS-to-Evernote Recipe is Finally Failing: 2 Workarounds

Last year, Twitter changed its API so that IFTTT could not longer use it as a trigger. Previous to that, I had an IFTTT recipe that sent all of my tweets to Evernote. I came up with a workaround that used Twitter’s RSS feed to send all of my Tweets to Evernote. That worked for a long time, but it looks like, as of yesterday, it has started to fail:


I think quite a few people were using this IFTTT recipe as a convenient way to automate getting their tweets into Evernote. Now that it is now longer working, the big question is: are there any alternatives? I think there are at least 2:

Option 1: Use the @myEn feature in Evernote

The @myEn feature is fully documented on the Evernote blog. But the gist of it is this:

  1. Follow @myEn on Twitter
  2. The @myEn account will follow you back
  3. The @myEn account will send you a direct message with a link.
  4. Click on the link to link your Twitter and Evernote accounts.

Once this has been set up, any time you include @myEn in a Tweet, that Tweet will be automatically captured in Evernote.

Option 2: Forward Tweets to Facebook and Use IFTTT to send Facebook updates to Evernote

You can configure Twitter to automatically send your Tweets to Facebook. Each time you Tweet, your tweet will be relayed to your Facebook account. Of course, this only works if you have a Facebook account. You can set up this integration in your Twitter settings, under your Profile settings:


Once this has been set up, you can use an IFTTT recipe to forward all of your Facebook status updates to Evernote. I have created an IFTTT recipe for those who want to use mine.

What is my preference?

I prefer the second method for 2 reasons:

  1. I almost never update my Facebook status directly. I always do it through tweets, which are then sent to Facebook.
  2. I don’t have to add any additional information to my Tweets. I don’t have to remember to add “@myEn”, for instance, and I don’t have to use up 5 characters of the Tweet message by adding @myEn.

Anyone else have suggestions? I’d be interested to hear them.

ETA: Turns out option #2 doesn’t work nearly as well as I hoped. This appears to be because Facebook distinguishes between status updates and Wall Posts. Twitter->Facebook integration appears to be a wall post, and not a status update. So I am still looking for better alternatives.

Archive Daily Science Fiction Stories to Evernote via IFTTT

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but today, I created an IFTTT recipe that archives the Daily Science Fiction stories I receive via email each weekday to Evernote. My recipe assumes you use Gmail, but I imagine it would be easy enough to riff of this recipe for other email clients. For this recipe to work, you need to head over to the Daily Science Fiction website and subscribe to the daily story. It’s free!

Daily Science Fiction is a great source of short science fiction stories. There is a story each day of the week, delivered by email. The story appears on their website a week later. Many great writers (and stories) have appeared in Daily SF, including stories by many friends and writers I know. I also had a story in Daily Science Fiction, “Lost and Found” back in October 2012. If you are not a fan of science fiction and fantasy or you are curious about what the fuss is about, Daily SF is a great place to start because the stories are generally short and diverse in their genre and theme.

What’s great about the recipe is that it saves me a few steps each day. I usually refile the Daily SF mail when I get it and read it later. Now, I can skip that step entirely because the story will show up in my “to-read” saved search in Evernote (which looks for any notes tagged “to-read”) that I review at least once a day.

You can get find my recipe here.


IFTTT Will Be Removing Twitter Triggers, But Here Is A Workaround

ETA (8/28/13): Twitter triggers are back in IFTTT! They were added back in August 2013 using the new Twitter API.

If you use IFTTT to capture your Tweets and send them to another service, you probably received a notice from them yesterday about how they will be removing Twitter triggers on September 27:

In recent weeks, Twitter announced policy changes* that will affect how applications and users like yourself can interact with Twitter’s data. As a result of these changes, on September 27th we will be removing all Twitter Triggers, disabling your ability to push tweets to places like email, Evernote and Facebook. All Personal and Shared Recipes using a Twitter Trigger will also be removed. Recipes using Twitter Actions and your ability to post new tweets via IFTTT will continue to work just fine.

I use IFTTT to send all of my tweets to Evernote so I have a record of them. Since this is based on a Twitter trigger, it will no longer work after September 27. Last night, I experimented with an alternative that appears to be working fine this morning: using an RSS feed and sending that to Evernote. Here is how I set it up in IFTTT:

Step 1: Choose Trigger Channel

I selected the Feed channel.

Step 2: Choose a Trigger

I selected New Feed Item

Step 3: Complete Trigger Fields

In the Feed URL field, I entered the URL for the twitter feed for my twitter account. In my case that feed is:  http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=jamietrNote that you will want to alter this URL and replace my twitter handle with your own.

Step 4: Choose Action Channel

I selected Evernote for my Action Channel.

Step 5: Choose an Action

I selected the Create A Note action.

Step 6: Complete Action Fields

Here is how I completed the action fields for Evernote:

  • Title: EntryTitle
  • Body: EntryContentvia FeedTitle EntryURL
  • Notebook: <enter the notebook you want these notes go to to>
  • Tags: <enter the tags you want to use for these notes>

The Results

Here is what a note in Evernote looked like using the Twitter trigger method (the one that is going away):


And here is what the note looks like with the new trigger, via RSS instead of Twitter:


I imagine with some tweaking of the Action fields, you could get them to look almost identical.

There is more of a delay between the time you make the tweet and the time it shows up as a note, but despite that delay, so far every tweet I’ve made since adding this new method appears to be coming through to Evernote.

I’m turning off the new method until September 27, when I will enable it permanently, but I wanted to share this solutions with others who were worried that they might not be able to use Twitter as a trigger in IFTTT going forward.