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Issue 31 of InterGalactic Medicine Show Contains My Interview with Ken Liu

Issue 31 of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show is now out. Among the great set of stories contained in the issue are not one but two stories by Ken Liu, “Always Here” and “The Postman.” Also in the issue is the interview that I did with Ken. The interview was a lot of fun to do and I hope that it’s just as fun for folks to read. Head on over to the magazine to check it out.

My Latest Book Review Column Is Online at InterGalactic Medicine Show

When I was asked to become the regular science fiction book reviewer for InterGalactic Medicine Show, I was also asked to come up with a title for the column. Alethea Kontis, who does the fantasy book reviews has a clever column title, “Princess Alethea’s Magic Elixer.” What we ultimately settled on for my column title is “The Science of Wonder.”

In my September column, I review a newly reissued edition of Robert Silverberg’s classic 1970s novel Downward To the Earth. And for those who are fans of short fiction and anthologies, I also review Gardner Dozois’ latest Year’s Best Science Fiction, 29th Annual Edition. Head on over to InterGalactic Medicine Show to see what I have to say.

While you are there, check out the latest stories and the terrific interview that Darrell Schweitzer did with Dr. Stanley Schmidt. And take look at the absolutely stunning cover by Eric Wilkerson for Issue #30.

My first guest book review column for InterGalactic Medicine Show is now online

Remember, I am pinch hitting the book review column in June and July for Alethea Kontis, who has been on her book tour to promote her new novel, Enchanted. My first guest book review column is now online. In it, I take a look at the Million Writer Awards anthology by Jason Sanford, and 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. Head on over to InterGalactic Medicine Show to check it out.


Edmund Schubert, editor of INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW announced today that IGSM was officially moving to a quarterly schedule.

Our target date for publication of issue 5 is mid-June, a new issue will be published every three months after that, and I now know exactly how many stories I need and can proceed accordingly.

This is exciting news for me, since my first sale was made to Edmund at IGMS and my story, “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” will be appearing in issue 5.

For those who have never checked out IGSM, it is a great online science fiction magazine, and has been steadily accruing recognition. Tangent Online has reviewed every issue of IGMS that has appeared so far. It has been reviewed in Asimov’s Science Fiction. And most recently, 4 stories from IGMS were selected for the Million Writers Award for online short stories published in 2006.

If you are a science fiction fan, or a fan of good short fiction in general, you should check it out.