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Browser bookmarks

Is it me, or are browser bookmarks going the way of the dodo?

A few days ago it occurred to me that I never use bookmarks anymore. There’s just no need for them. I use Google Chrome on my two laptop computers and both systems are configured to launch with 5 tabs open: Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, and my WordPress site. I can click a link in Gmail to get to Google Reader and read my news feed. If there is some interesting item in the news feed that I want to remember, I simple star it and can browse the list of stars when I feel the need. If I come across a blog I like, there’s no need to bookmark it because I can simply add it to my RSS feed. And if I come across something that I want to read later on, I can send it to Instapaper. (And Instapaper allows me to automatically send those items to Evernote, as well.)

With all of this cloud-based “bookmarking”, combined with mobile apps for most things that I do, I just don’t see the point of browser-based bookmarks anymore?

Do you still use browser bookmarks? Do they still help?

Retiring the iMac

I took advantage of the quiet day today (I was giving a “day off” for Father’s Day) in order to do some stuff around the house. One of the things I’d been wanting to do for some time now is retire my iMac. With the iPad, the new home sharing technology, and a fix for the trackpad issue on my MacBook, it finally seemed possible.

I first got the iMac back in April 2004. It was the first Apple device I ever purchased. (I purchased an iPod shortly thereafter.) Up until 2004, I was a Windows guy. But I did Windows constantly at work and I was reaching a burnout point. I wanted something at home that wouldn’t remind me of the software I used at work. And so I ordered an iMac and it served me well for more than 7 years.

In fact, it still works, more or less. The SuperDrive doesn’t work, and it seems slower than my other machines and devices. So why retire it?

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