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Time wasters

It was my intention to be in bed by 8 PM tonight and spend an hour or two reading before going to sleep, but I got hung up on time wasters and I’m just now getting to bed.

The first time waster was exploring what Second Life was all about. Jason had emailed me about it this afternoon. I’d heard of it before, but this evening I explored it, creating a “free” avatar. It looks mildy interesting, but to be honest, my video cards on both computers isn’t up to the task, and even if it was, I didn’t think it would hold my interest in the long run. (I will admit, however, that at first, my avatar was female, mainly so that I could experiment with some of the body attributes and see just how customizable the avatars really were.)

The second time waster was much less of a time waster and much more enjoyable. I watched an hour long video of Ken Jennings appearance at Google headquarters. He was interviewed, read from his book and took questions from the audience and it was fun to watch.

I still feel like I want to get at least a little reading done, so I’m off to bed to read for the twenty minutes or so it will take me to drink my glass of chocolate milk.