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Malcolm Jameson’s “Bullard” Stories Available in E-Book Form on Amazon

Back when I was doing my Vacation in the Golden Age, I mentioned, quite frequently, how I came to enjoy Malcolm Jameson’s “Bullard” stories. These were essentially Navy-in-space stories written between 1939 and 1942. They were a lot of fun. I’ve talked about how I think Jameson is overlooked today, and I’ve even written an article about him for SF Signal.

At Capclave, on a panel on Space Wars, I talked about Bullard as well. Several people have asked me about his stories and if they are available in e-book format. Today I learned that the Bullard stories are available in e-book format on Amazon, in a collection titled Bullard: Tales of the Patrol. The book is selling for $2.99, and I think it is well worth the price to help keep these stories alive.

My Newly Revived Wayward Time Traveler Column Is Back at SF Signal

After going on hiatus since early 2012, my Wayward Time Traveler column on science fiction is back over at SF Signal. In this month’s column, I talk about “Remembering Malcolm Jameson,” a writer during the early Golden Age, friends with Robert Heinlein, and someone whose stories unexpectedly grew on me. Head on over to SF Signal to check it out.

(And special thanks to John DeNardo and Patrick Hester for having me back.)