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Invisible man on first!

So I’m sitting here, innocently reading, when suddenly, I had a kind of daydream about when I was a kid and we’d play baseball or whiffle ball in nearby fields. We never had enough people to field 9 players on each time. Often the teams were 2 or 3 players each. But, inventive as kids are, we played with “invisible” players. I’m sure this isn’t unique, but what amazed me was that I completely forgot about this facet of our games until just this moment–a quarter of a century lapse in memory.

You’d get a base hit, touch first base, and then head back home, to bat again shortly. In the meantime, before each pitch, one team or the other would call out: “One out, invisible man on first!” or “Two outs, invisible man on first and third.” It was awesome!

I can’t believe I forgot about that!

Graduation 1994

My graduation from UCR was 12 years ago today, June 18, 1994. Normally, I would have remembered something like this, but it took external events to remind me. I was listening to my autobiography playlist, specifically, to the college era section, and I heard a handful of songs that remind me of the period right around graduation. And as if through osmosis, it occurred to me that today was the anniversary of my graduation.

The details of my graduation have been blurred by the years, but there are a few things I remember. First and foremost was the heat. It was a particularly hot day in Riverside, California, and, of course, the graudation was held outside. Second, was the length. The graduation went on forever. It drove me nuts! Once I had gone up and received my fake diploma, I didn’t even go back to my seat. I left the graudation entirely and headed back to my air conditioned apartment and waited for my family to show up an hour or so later. Finally, I recall the one big disappointment of my graduation: the fact that my grandparents could not make it for some reason. It was probably the only time in my life that my grandpa ever disappointed me.

I can’t believe it was twelve years ago.

Today is always Father’s Day, and I spoke to both Dad and Doug today, wishing them Happy Father’s Days.