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Best of Metallica

It is almost pointless to do a “best of” list for Metallica because all of their stuff before the Black Album is so good, you could almost say that their first four albums and EP are their “best of” list. But I was listening to Metallica on the way to the book store yesterday, and I’m listening to them now, and I’ve put some thought into it. So if I were producing a Metallica “best of” album, the set would go as follows:

  1. “Whiplash” (from Kill ‘Em All)
  2. “Breadfan” (from “Garage Days Revisited)
  3. “Stone Cold Crazy” (from Garage Days Revisited)
  4. “Hit the Lights” (from Kill ‘Em All)
  5. “Fade to Black” (from Ride the Lightning)
  6. “Master of Puppets” (from Master of Puppets)
  7. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” (from Master of Puppets)
  8. “Damage, Inc.” (from Master of Puppets)
  9. “One” (from And Justice For All)
  10. “To Live Is To Die” (from And Justice For All)

And of course, no “best of” album is complete without a few “bonus” tracks. Call them “honorable mentions”:

  • “Last Caress / Green Hell” (from Garage Days, Revisited)
  • “So What?” (from Garage Days, Revisited)
  • “Battery” (from Master of Puppets)
  • “Enter Sandman” (from The Black Album, but only because it’s Mariano Rivera’s theme song)

So there you have it. My “best of” list for Metallica. Now for my “best of Enya” list…

In the department of “too much information”, Part Deux

I just did my best ever rendition of Lars Ulrich, air-drumming to Metallica’s “Breadfan”. And keeping with the Lars tradition, I was wearing nothing but my boxers. And now my arms feel like they are going to fall off!

But I can’t resist: I’ve got to follow this up with an encore of “Whiplash”!

More Metallica

strausmouse will hate this, but I just bought Metallica’s Garage, Inc. off the Apple Music Store. Most everything I’ve heard by Metallica after the Black Album is Just No Good. However, I discovered the “disc 2” of Garage, Inc. is, in fact, Garage Days Revisited and that’s the one early album that I don’t have.

In fact, I completely forgot about the song “Breadfan”, which I used to make my entire dish crew suffer through when I was “Dish 1” (leader of the dish-cleaning crew) in the Dorm cafeteria at UCR.

So it’s downloading as I write this, all 27 tracks. And it was actually cheaper than going out and buying the album in a record store!

STOP THE PRESSES: Metallica’s catalog has been added to the Apple Music Store

I went to download my pre-ordered copy of Tom Petty’s new album, “Highway Companion” and discovered that Apple must have pulled a major coup because they got Metallica (of the anti-Napster wing) to release their entire catalog on the Apple Music Store! This is great news for Metallica fans. I wonder how Apple pulled it off!

View it here in iTunes

Even the documentary Some Kind of Monster is available.