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Surrounded by furniture

So sitting here, waiting with not much to do but read and blog, I find myself surrounded by furniture. Several offices in my vicinity are having their carpets replaced tonight. All of the furniture has been removed from the offices and squeezed into the surrounded common areas. I caught onto this earlier and was smart enough to open my office door, lest I be blocked in by ergonomic desks and Aeron chairs and trapped in my office all weekend.

I’m not sure what it takes to wear out a carpet within your office, but whatever it is, those people sitting in neighboring offices have managed to do it.

Temporary office

For the next week or so, while construction goes on in the ceiling above my office, I am sitting in a temporary office. It is never quite the same as what you are used to. I just got my dual-monitor configuration setup. But it’s not my keyboard and it feels different. It’s not my mouse. And the desk itself seems somewhat askew. In fact, it seems to be leaning toward the left by an inch or more. I need to find a tape measure or marble or something to confirm this, but just looking at the screens is making me dizzy.

In my 12 years at the company, I’ve moved offices twice: five days after I started, and again eight years later when I transferred to the Washington office. I hate moving, even if it’s temporary, even if it’s to another office accross the hall. I’ve been in this new office for ten minutes and already I’m counting the hours until I can go back to my old office.