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Crime and punishment

Long workday today, but I felt like I got a fair share of things done. I’ve got 2 more major tasks that I’d like to try and get done this week so that they are completed by the time my boss gets back from his vacation on Monday. I was in meetings for most of the day today, and the day passed pretty quickly.

This evening, I noticed a police car across the street. I talked my neighbor and the house next to hers was broken into sometime during the day! They broke a side window and grabbed a laptop and that was it. It reminded me that I need to let the local police know when I will be gone on my vacation. My neighbors will be checking in on the house for me while I am gone as well.


In the 18 years 1 month and 1 day that I have been driving a car, I have not received so much as parking ticket. Until yesterday. Yesterday evening, while racing to the airport (after being stuck in traffic) to meet my Dad’s flight, I got picked up on laser doing 50 in a 35 zone. It was completely and totally my fault and I expected to be ticketed for speeding. Lucky for me, the officer let me go with a written warning. In Maryland, a warning is just that–no fine, no points–just a record that I was stopped. So my own record stays in tact. For now.