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Why this is a bad time for any politician to be asking me for money

I just got a phone call from the Democratic committee to reelect President Obama. The campaign representative went through the usual schpiel, thanking me for my past donations, pointing out that the Republicans are launching a $20 million ad campaign, and that the Democrats and the Obama reelection campaign needs to be prepared to respond in kind. Would I be willing to make a small donation of $150 to keep Obama in office?

I have never been so frustrated by politics as I have been witnessing what’s been going on these last few weeks. I have to think that most other Americans are equally frustrated. That being the case, the endgame to this debt ceiling crisis is pretty clear to me. In fact, for politicians in Washington, the endgame is the same regardless of the outcome at this point. As irresponsible and selfish as both sides have shown themselves to be, I think there will be a huge revolt against incumbents in the next election–one on a scale that we haven’t seen for a very long time. Congress has dug themselves into a no-win situation for themselves:

  • If they come to a last minute agreement, people will remember the bickering and stress that they had to endure in the weeks leading up to a last minute agreement. They will wonder why such a compromise couldn’t have been reached weeks or months earlier. And they will recognize that it is not the process so much as the people involved that made a mockery of things. And that will come into play during the next election.
  • If they don’t come to a last minute agreement and the U.S. defaults on its debts, well, that will piss people off as well and we’ll see that reflected in the next election.

The President of the United States came to my softball game

I had completely forgotten about this until this morning.  We play in the Senate Softball league.  About 3 years ago, we were playing against Illinois at a park in Capital Hill.  When the second inning started, I was playing shortstop and noticed a small crowd gather around a guy who’d gotten out of a dark car.  That guy was Barack Obama, then Senator from Illinois.  He came to watch two innings of our game.  During those two innings, the score stayed pretty close.  Later in the game, down by a few runs in the bottom of the 7th inning, one of the girls on our team hit a walk-off grand-slam and we won the game.

It was the first game we ever won!

And the President of the United States was there to see some of the action.  How cool is that!