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Evil cigarette polluters

<begin rant>

There should be a special place in hell for those people who think nothing of tossing cigarettes out from their car windows to get rid of them. How is this not littering? There are signs scattered around town warning of fines for littering. In my book, tossing a cigarette out from a car window is at least as bad as say, tossing a coffee cup from a car window. I say at least because if the cigarette is still lit and it happens to be hot and dry out, it could start a fire. It is not only lazy but a cowardly act. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t toss a bag of trash out the window for fear of getting caught, but a teeny, tiny cigarette butt no one’s going to notice, right? And yet I see this happening fairly regularly with no apparent shame on the part of the perpetrator. It is infuriating, especially when you consider that most cars do have some kind of receptacle in which the dead cigarette can be stored. The way I see it, the fiend smoking the cigarette doesn’t want to stink up the car with dead cigarette butts; they prefer to toss them shamelessly out the window and let them clutter the streets. It is an apt illustration of just how much respect these brutes have for their communities.

The special place in hell that I envision for these upstanding symbols of the community is to be stuck inside their cars, forever driving, forever smoking their cigarettes down to the quick, but being forever unable to roll down the windows or open the doors; to be trapped in those cars with an endless series of smoldering cigarette butts choking up the air.

<end rant>

Hypocritical bumpstickers

strausmouse will recall “existential bumper stickers” from high school. Yesterday, I ran into a new breed of bumper sticker, the hypocritical bumper sticker. The car in front of me had a large bumper sticker that read something like “Keep Earth Green”. There may even have been a reference to Kyoto on it. The car itself was a white Mercedes 190D. The “D” stands for Diesel and the exhaust pipes of this car were emitting a grayish-black smoke that smelled strongly of the aforementioned diesel.

Some might call this irony. I call it hypocricy.