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A bunch of people in pirate costumes just walked by. I’m not used to this. (Sitting outside in the sun right now.) My first “event” of the day begins in about half and hour and I’ll be doing stuff from about noon until about 5 PM or so, at which point I head home.

Incidentally, the weather is beautiful here in Richmond, with temperatures going up into the 80s. The temps are going to be in the high 70s all weekend at home, too, which means picture perfect weather for the Orioles game tomorrow.

At Ravencon!

There was no traffic heading down here and I made it to the hotel in just under 2 hours. There was no parking in the hotel lot so I parted in the airport “economy” lot just across the street. It’s a little strange–lots of people in costumes of various kinds; I am in jeans and a t-shirt, so I feel a little out of place. I’m sitting in the hotel restaurant having breakfast (because I didn’t have anything to eat this morning). I’ve already browsed books in the dealers room and bought a copy of Rob Sawyer’s Rollback.

Going to finish my breakfast now. More later…