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Revisiting my writing schedule

Inspired by my friend Juliette Wade’s recent post on her new writing schedule, I’ve decided to revisit my writing schedule. For a while, I would do my writing between 5-7am and generally that seemed to work out well. I don’t really mind getting up early, I’ve always been a morning person. But raising a child can wear one out, especially when there’s no room in one’s schedule for exercise. I used to be a gym rat and worked out six days a week. I don’t think I’ve done any real physical exercise in months. Months! Its a self-perpetuating phenomenon. I’ve been more tired, less able to get up early, and too worn out to work out. But I’ve been tired because I haven’t been working out.

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A busy Friday schedule

I’ve been mentioning for a few days that I have a busy schedule today, Friday. Here’s a look at my calendar for Friday, September 7, 2007*:

8-9 AM: Meeting w/Casey on CSC requirements

11-noon: Design meeting #2 for APT project

1-2 PM: Meeting w/pubs on AllBooks/APT integration

2-3 PM: APT steering group meeting

3-3:30 PM: Softball captains/coaches strategy meeting

Okay, looking at it like that it doesn’t look too bad, but it is very unusual for a Friday. (It looks more like a Wednesday.)

We’re doing a Happy Hour after work, but I can’t stay out too late because I have to be up early on Saturday for the softball tournament.

*A significant day in my biography for at least two reasons (he says, mysteriously).