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My Latest Book Review Column Is Online at InterGalactic Medicine Show

When I was asked to become the regular science fiction book reviewer for InterGalactic Medicine Show, I was also asked to come up with a title for the column. Alethea Kontis, who does the fantasy book reviews has a clever column title, “Princess Alethea’s Magic Elixer.” What we ultimately settled on for my column title is “The Science of Wonder.”

In my September column, I review a newly reissued edition of Robert Silverberg’s classic 1970s novel Downward To the Earth. And for those who are fans of short fiction and anthologies, I also review Gardner Dozois’ latest Year’s Best Science Fiction, 29th Annual Edition. Head on over to InterGalactic Medicine Show to see what I have to say.

While you are there, check out the latest stories and the terrific interview that Darrell Schweitzer did with Dr. Stanley Schmidt. And take look at the absolutely stunning cover by Eric Wilkerson for Issue #30.