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My interview with the Hugo-, Nebula-, and Campbell-award-nominated Brad R. Torgersen is available at SF Signal

In the week leading up to the Nebula Weekend, I had the opportunity to interview Brad R. Torgersen, whose story “Ray of Light” is a Hugo and Nebula nominee. It was a lot of fun and we talked a lot of shop. You can head over to SF Signal to read the interview.

SF Signal MIND MELD: Whatever happened to interstellar travel in science fiction?

Over at SF Signal, I’ve participated in the most recent MIND MELD in which Paul Weimer asks the question: Whatever happened to interstellar travel in science fiction? Some fascinating answers by Elizabeth Bear, Fred Kiesche, Rene Sears, Kevin J. Anderson, Karen Burnham, Kay Kenyon, Daniel Abraham, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Kristine Rusch, Fabio Fernandes, Mike, Resnick, Karl Schroeder, Michael Flynn, and yours truly. Some good reading about the direction of the genre.

I’m part of today’s Mind Meld over at SF Signal

Looking for recommendations on some of the best SF/F in 2011? Check out today’s Mind Meld at SF Signal: Our favorite SF/F media consumed during 2011. In addition to me there are recommendations by Jessica Strider, Charles Tan, Patrick Hester, Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson, Andrew Liptak, Larry Ketchersid, Karen Burnham, and Jay Garmon.

My latest Wayward Time Traveler column is up at SF Signal

In this week’s column, I describe how one day, I might write a column on the convoluted topic of “recursive” science fiction, or science fiction about science fiction. I describe in detail what I might discuss, if I were ever to write such a column. Head on over to SF Signal and get yourself meta.

Latest SF Signal podcast on science fiction’s visions of the future

I took part in the most recent installment of SF Signal’s podcast, hosted by Patrick Hester. This week, Paul Weimer, John Stevens, Jeff Patterson and I all discussed our favorite visions of the future with Patrick. You can listen to the podcast over at SF Signal. This one was a lot of fun.

The SF Signal Podcast Episode 68: The Readercon Recap Edition

Last week I was among several folks who participated in the most recent SF Signal podcast. The topic was a kind of recap of Readercon from those who had attended. Several of the SF Signal “irregulars”–myself included–were at Readercon and give our thoughts on the convention. Others in the podcast include:

SF Signal Podcast Episode 66: On Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions

I am part of the group of panelists for the latest episode of the SF Signal Podcast, talking about our experiences at science fiction and fantasy conventions. It is a well-timed podcast. We recorded it the day before Readercon and it is now available, the day after Readercon. In this one, I tell the story of the first convention I ever attended, and how I got to meet Robert J. Sawyer there. It’s a great discussion and there’s some good advice for folks attending conventions. Other panelists include:


Go have a listen!

SF Signal podcast #59: Science fiction series that deserve the HBO treatment

In SF Signal‘s podcast #59, a number of panelists, including me, are asked the question: “What science fiction series deserves the HBO 10-episode-per-book treatment?” There are so many interesting answers that I am going to have to listen to the podcast, despite having been in it myself. There wasn’t time for me to jot down all of the interesting books to read. Other participants include:

One day, I think Patrick should put together a podcast made entirely of outtakes from the various episodes. 🙂