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It’s a girl!

Clearly the title of the post gives it away, but we know now that we are having a baby girl. She has all her various parts and everything is where is should be and she looks very healthy, according to the doctors. We can now reduce our list of names by 50% and concentrate on the girl side of the list. How about Wanda Seldon Rubin. 😉

Our high-tech OB doctor

We are lucky to have the best OB doctor ever looking after Kelly and the Sibling-To-Be-Named-Later. We had Dr. Kathy when Kelly was pregnant with the Z-Man and she was wonderful and the same is true now. The staff in her office are wonderful, too. They remember who you are from visit-to-visit, chat with you and seem almost as excited as you are about the experience.

One new innovation this time around is the thumb drive we were given after our first visit. Their entire pregnancy package is in electronic format on the thumb drive, including the medicines its okay to take, what not too take, and answers to common questions. Furthermore, Dr. Kathy dumped the pictures she took of the Sibling-To-Be-Named-Later onto the thumb drive. And yesterday, all of the blood work back from the lab got copied to the thumb drive. It’s so convenient and environmentally friendly. Just one of the reasons we really love our doctor. (I saw “our” doctor when Dr. Kathy is really Kelly’s doctor–but I’m there for every appointment and so she feels like my doctor too.)

We didn’t get to see the baby yesterday but we did get to listen to its heartbeat. It sounded perfect, strong, according to the doctor.  Kelly asked, “Is it moving?”

“I haven’t heard it moving,” Dr. Kathy said. No sooner had the words come out of her mouth and we heard a thump! “It just moved!” she said. “He’s a trooper. Performed on cue!”

While we were there, Dr. Kathy’s staff scheduled the rest of our visits through our 6-week followup after the baby is born. Kind of crazy to have doctors appointments scheduled through October, but also really helpful. One less thing to worry about.

I really do feel lucky to have such a wonderful doctor for both our little ones. It makes the whole experience that much less stressful. And isn’t cool how high-tech she is?