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McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning for This Site

I‘ve been getting intermittent reports that McAfee’s SiteAdvisor gives a yellow “suspsicious” warning for this site, which ultimately resolves to jamierubin.net. I am aware of this and have a ticket in with McAfee to try to get the issue resolved. As it turns out, this is the exact same issue I had with Web of Trust a few years back. My ratings there were quickly corrected. I don’t know how long (or it at all) it will be before SiteAdvisor has correct ratings for my site.

Apparently, this steps back to 2009 when my site managed to get on a blacklist (I still don’t know how that happened) maintained by someone named Joel Wein.

If you come to this site and use SiteAdvisor, you may see the following:

Site Advisor Warning


If you drill down into the “user comments”, you’ll see two comments:

SiteAdvisor Comments


As I said, I am aware of the problem, and working through McAfee’s system to get it corrected. Just like with Web of Trust, I imagine it can’t hurt if you add your own comments to SiteAdvisor indicating that the site is indeed safe.

If and when I hear anything from SiteAdvisor, I’ll let you know.