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Addendum to My Social Network

I wanted to mention that the social network diagram on my social network post yesterday was created using Google Docs drawing application.

I have been impressed by Google Docs. The applications are simple, which is to say they are not overloaded with features I don’t need or will never use (hear that, Microsoft?) but focus on those things that are useful. I’ve been particularly impressed by their Drawing application, which is among the finest I’ve used, far superior to Microsoft Paint, and even superior to some of the image editing tools that came as part of MacOS.

I use Google Docs for other things as well, including managing my list of story submissions, but whenever I need to create a diagram from scratch, I always start with Google Docs drawing application, and so far, I have not been disappointed.

My social network

Because someone asked me about it today, I present the core of my social network and how it operates (click on the image for a larger version):


Each arrow on the diagram represents an automatic forwarding of information from one part of my social network to another. The explanations below are keyed to the numbers:

  1. Posts to my blog (what you are reading) are automatically relayed to my LiveJournal blog via the LiveJournal Crossposter plugin for WordPress.
  2. Posts to this blog are also automatically relayed to my Twitter feed via Twitter Tools for WordPress.
  3. Posts to this blog are also automatically relayed to my Facebook wall via Wordbooker for WordPress.
  4. All posts to my Twitter feed are automatically relayed to my Facebook wall. This is configured through the Twitter website. This also explains why you sometimes see things (like blog post announcements) twice on my Facebook wall.
  5. Updates to my Goodreads author page are automatically relayed to Twitter.
  6. Updates to Goodreads are automatically relayed to Facebook.
  7. Updates to FourSquare are automatically relayed to Twitter.
  8. On occasion, notes that I make on my Kindle are relayed to Twitter.
  9. Twitter posts are relayed to my Google Buzz

There are a few minor ones that I left off here and maybe I’ll add them in the future. For instance:

  • All my blog posts are relayed via RSS to my Goodreads author page
  • All my blog posts and tweets are relayed to my LinkedIn profile

The best part about all of this is I only have to update one place (often just my blog or twitter) and the updates propagate throughout my social network.

Facebook facelift

I’ve seen a number of people complaining about the most recent facelift to Facebook.  Perhaps because I am a software developer by day, I am more sensitive to this kind of thing, but it seems to me that the facelift is an improvement.  And as far what the different feeds mean and what shows up where, I thought that these instructions were pretty clear and helpful.  I wonder how many people took the time to review the Help pages to Facebook when the changes took affect?  While any computer interface should attempt to be intuitive, it seems to me that where there are questions, people should take some initiative and ask for help.

(Of course, if these systems could read our minds, that wouldn’t be good enough either.  Too many people would feel it was a gross invasion of privacy.  You can’t win, I suppose.)

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Transition to WordPress

After nearly a year of playing with WordPress behind the scenes, I have decided to begin the gradual transition from LiveJournal to WordPress once and for all.  As part of this transition, the following will be taking place in the short-term:

  • All blog posts will continue to be cross-posted to LiveJournal and Facebook
  • LiveJournal posts will be closed to comments.  Instead, click the link at the bottom of each post to comment on my WordPress blog.
  • Comments on Facebook should (in theory) be picked up by WordPress as regular intervals.

I am doing this for several reasons:

  • I have a custom installation of WordPress on my  domain which I can control completely.
  • WordPress has more of the features that I am looking for, and it is far easier to tweak the styles than in LiveJournal.
  • One-stop-shopping for blog posting.

As far as LJ blogs that I read, I will continue reading them.  Most of them I read through Google Reader at this point, anyway.

The WordPress blog should be configured to allow you to register an account for comments (if you don’t already have one.)   I will approve this user account requests as quickly as I can.

Originally published at Jamie’s Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Catching up

Vacation has put me a few days behind on the blog, but I am catching up and the backdated posts should appear this morning.  Keeping up on Facebook was easier because I didn’t have to depend on wireless connections while I was gone.  Incidentally, speaking of Facebook, thanks to Doug, I go reconnected with a high school teacher from "Core".  Pretty cool thing, that Facebook is!

I’m in one of those frazzled, disjointed modes that vacation can put you into.  No significant reading since the middle of last week (instead, I’ve been re-watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica, in anticipation of the final episodes coming up in January.

Spent a lot of time last night consolidating our iTunes media library onto the new 1 TB drive and making sure it was available to all of our machines and that we could sync our devices the way we wanted.

Today is going to be a catch-up day, both work and home.  Lots of things to do.