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Lost by 1 run

We had a softball game last night and we lost by 1 run, with the final score of 15-14. It was frustrating. With a runner on first and second and 1 out, we grounded into a game-ending double-play.

I played pretty well. Spend the first 4 innings at shortstop and the rest of the game in the outfield and did good in both positions. I went 2-4 yesterday with a single, and a 3-run home run to right field, my second home run of the season. Some nice plays in the field by Emily, Dan and others. Our defense keeps getting better.

Kelly was the score-keeper last night. The weather cooperated and it was a gorgeous night to be out playing. It’s just too bad we couldn’t get an extra run or two to keep the game going.

Throwing arm blues

It’s a good thing I’m not playing softball again until a week from Tuesday. My throwing arm from my shoulder to my elbow is aching like crazy today and all I’m doing is typing. I think I really aggravated it on a throw from right-center to second the other day. I may need to go get some Advil (I ran out of it here at work) because it’s pretty bad right now. I’ll see how it is after lunch.