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Spider-man, Spider-man

This was just too cool to pass up. Via SF Signal:

Here is a true story:

When I was a kid, maybe 5 or 6 years old, and living in Somerset, New Jersey, I loved Spider-man. I watched the cartoon but I also had these “45” records of Spider-man stories. Snippets of dialog from those records still rattle through the empty spaces in my brain from time to time:

SPIDER-MAN: “And the monk is sunk.”

EVIL-GUY: “Cosmo–destroy.”

ROBOT [monotone]: “Destroy. Destroy”

I remember that one of the villains was Rasputin the Monk. I remember another scene that took place in a sewer. The point it, I loved it.

So much so that I told one of the neighborhood kids that my name was Peter Parker. Being of sound mind and reasonable intelligence, that rotten kid didn’t believe me. This next part I remember very clearly. I was in the backyard of my house and my Mom was standing just inside the sliding glass door. I went over to her and told her that if the neighborhood kid asked what my name was, to tell him it was Peter Parker. Sure enough, the neighborhood kid asked my name and my Mom said, “Peter Parker!”

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, the superhero, role-model Spider-man, loved and worshiped by all, induced me not only to lie to some poor neighborhood kid, but also to get my Mom to lie to him as well.

And they call these superhero’s role models!

Goodbye, Captain America

So after 66 years, Marvel Comics is killing off Captain America. I’ve never been a big comics fan, but I can still remember the theme song from the Captain America cartoon back when I was a wee lad of four or five.

When Captain America throws his mighty shield…

Killing off America. Is it me, or is there some irony in this? Who kills Captain American, I wonder? In my imagination, it’s Dick Cheney in what he claims was a “hunting accident”.