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Superman Fever

Okay, so I’ve definitely got Superman fever. Fortunately, Lois & Clark: Season 3 arrived in the mail today and I was able to use that to defer some of the excitement. I also bought the Superman Returns soundtrack from the Apple Music Store this evening.

In addition, I saw yet another preview for the movie–one I hadn’t already seen–and it looks totally awesome. I can’t remember being this excited to see a movie since Star Wars: Episode I.

Clearly, I am a huge Superman fan. I’m not afraid to say it. When I was growing up, I wanted to be Superman. But then again, what red-blooded American kid didn’t?

Ordered new book

I came across this book while browsing Locus Online this morning. The name of the book is called It’s Superman: A Novel by Tom DeHaven. Being a Superman fan, I couldn’t resist. The great thing about this book is that it is not any kind of media tie-in. It’s not a Smallville book or anything like that. I’ve never liked media tie-ins. It’s just some authors attempt at retelling the tale of Clark Kent’s younger days in his own way. I should be getting it Wednesday and I look forward to reading it.

Incidentally, I noticed something new on Amazon when I looked at this book. For newer books, it looks like they have a new feature, which they call “Text Stats”. Among other things, this gives the actual word count of the book, which means I can cull this information programmatically into my reading list in some cases, rather than have to calculate it manually as I have done over the last 10 years. (See text stats for It’s Superman).

Smallville 100th Episode

That was one of the best Smallville episodes ever. The lead-in had me jumping up and down and hooting and screaming. It was a really well done show overall. I can see how they’ve set things up for Clark to begin to discover what his purpose really is.

Incidentally, Kryptonsite (http://www.kryptonsite.com) appears to be so busy right now that I can’t get the page to load. A lot of people must be checking in to see what happened in the episode–it won’t air for another 90 minutes on the west coast.

What’s frustrating is that I realized that since I will be in Santa Monica next week, I’m not sure I’ll get to see next week’s episode. The hotel that I stay at does not, for some reason, get the WB on their cable service.

30 minutes until the 100th episode of Smallville

Half an hour to go until what might be the best episode of the best season yet of Smallville. Season five has blown away the other seasons (which in themselves were good). Now, I’m just 30 minutes away from the highly anticipated 100th episode, “Reckoning”. Four things are supposed to happen:

1. Clark tells Lana his secret
2. Clark proposes to Lana
3. We find out who wins the senate election
4. A major character dies; some “who Clark loves”.

There can only be two possibilities: Clark’s dad or Lana. My bet is on Lana.

In a recent interview, Tom Welling said that after this episode, we will really start to see the characters learn who they are and move in their destined directions. I’m excited…

Twenty-five minutes to go!

Lois & Clark Season 2

So I got Lois & Clark season two–something I’ve been waiting to come out for quite a while. Actually, I couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered it from Amazon.com a couple of weeks ago. It shipped today–and I should get the shipment next week. But I just couldn’t wait. So I went to Target and bought it and brought it home. When I get the Amazon shipment, I’ll send it back unopened–no harm.

I’ve been relaxing this evening by watching a few episodes, when instead, I should probably be reading or writing (or running!) I guess in this day and age, instant gratification is king.

Lois & Clark: Season 2

Lois & Clark Season 2 comes out on DVD one week from today and I placed my order through Amazon.com this evening. Smallville is currently one of my favorite shows, and I can recall watching and enjoying Lois & Clark back when it was originally airing, but I only saw the last two seasons, never the first two. I bought the first season when it first came out on DVD and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting season two once it’s shipped.