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And speaking of writers’ workspaces…

In an odd coincidence, right around the time I was writing about my writer’s workspace, writer and fellow Arlington Writers Group member, Jess Stork, posted an anatomy of a writer’s desk over at her blog, Ink Spot Plot. Her pictures are much more staged stylish than mine. Check them out for another take on a writer’s workspace.

And no, we did not confer on this. In fact, neither of us knew of the other’s post until happy hour after group tonight.

My writing workspace

Writers pride themselves on where they work. Some writers work in coffee shops or libraries. Others in kitchens or offices. I love my home office, where I do most of my writing. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house and I thought I’d provide a guided tour of my workspace for everyone to see.

We begin with the view from the entryway:


One drawback to my office is that there is no doorway. I think the room was designed to be a living room but we have a small TV room in the back of the main floor that we use as a living room, and a large family room downstairs so there is no need for a living room in the traditional sense. The above photograph shows my office looking in from the entry way to the lefthand side of the room. This next photo shows the right side of the room:

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