What I Have Read Since 1996

BETA – Last updated 10/30 @ 9:30 am ET

Welcome to my reading list! Here you can see every book I have read since January 1, 1996. There are also links to some additional pages related to my reading.

  • FAQ on my reading and reading list (coming soon)
  • Recommended reading (coming soon)
  • Some interesting reading stats and charts (coming soon)

Below is a list of everything I have read since 1996. The table is sortable. You can click on the arrows in the headers to sort the table. To return to its default order, sort the # field in ascending order. You can use the search box below to search the table. Note that BEq is my made-up measurement for “book equivalent.” The average length of a book on my list is 410 pages, which I have arbitrarily set to 1 BEq. So a 820 page book = 2 BEq and a 205 page book = 0.5 BEq.

[table id=4 /]