My best rejection slip so far

Today I received my best rejection slip ever. It was like hitting a home run that went just foul. It was for my story “Wake Me When We Get There” which I had sent to Asimov’s. It made it out of the slush pile, past the readers and all the way to the editor, Sheila Williams herself, who wrote the rejection slip, which you can see in the image below.

In case you can’t read the letter, here is what it says:

April 25, 2005

Dear Jamie,

Thanks for letting me see “Wake Me When We Get There.” I thought that the story was moving, well titled, and very well done. Unfortunately, woeful lack of preparation unconvincing for an exploratory mission like this is unconvincing. (When Allen Steele used this idea, the characters had rushed the initial procedure and there was sabotage to boot.) I very much look forward to seeing something new from you when you have it, though.

Sincerely yours,

/Sheila Williams/


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