The plan was for a bunch of people in the wedding party to meet at Disneyland. In all, there ended up being 14 of us, I think.

We headed down to Anahiem at about 9 AM yesterday. My idea was to go the most direct route, but Dad said to take the 118 to the 210 to the 57 to avoid traffic. So Doug, Rachel, Ruby and I ended up following Mom, Dad and Jen from Oxnard, through a fairly circuitous route which ultimately brought us to the 118, the 210, the 57 and finally, to Disneyland. It was something like 110 miles, but we didn’t hit any traffic and arrived at Disneyland just after 11 AM.

This was Ruby’s first time to Disneyland (she’s almost 2 years old). When we got to Disneyland, we met up with Mom, Dad and Jen. Jason and his family was also there. We Jason, Jason’s brother Jared, and his friend Eric met us at the entrance. We made our way to Star Tours to meet the rest of Jason’s family.

The weather was mild, but we all had a great time. We spent about 8 hours at the park. There were almost no lines at all and the only thing that wasn’t open was “It’s a Small World”.

I ate like a king. In fact, here is exactly what I had throughout the day: a churro, a beef skewer (in adventureland), cotton candy (after the Matterhorn), and a corn dog (with some chocolate fudge).

We managed to do all of the major rides. We did Pirates of the Carribean (with Ruby, who was very brave, her first ride ever!) We did the Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, the Haunted House (which had a holiday theme and different program than usual that I didn’t really like). We then did Splash Mountain, which was really run and on which I got soaked. We did Big Thunder mountain. We did Space Mountain, which was probably the best of all. It’s newly re-opened and for some reason, it seemed much faster than I remembered it being. Doug and I sat up front and were screaming the whole way through. They take pictures of you inside now, and the pictures of Doug and I were hysterical. Finally, we did Star Tours, before heading home.

I decided to come back home the more direct route, taking the 5 to the 101. We hit a little bit of traffic but it was much more direct. I think it was something like 87 miles. Ruby slept most of the way but woke up about 10 miles from home and was pretty upset. She screamed and hollared the last ten miles and I felt terrible. I kept searching for the quickest way to get home because Ruby was screaming, “Mama, up! Mama, up!”. We finally got home and Ruby was happy.

I had taped Smallville and the first thing I did upon getting home was to make sure that it taped correctly and it did. I watched it first thing this morning.

Have to go now. Doug, Rachel, Ruby and I have to head down to Temecula (where Jen’s wedding is taking place at the South Coast Winery) at 11 AM. Mom, Dad and Jen already left. The rehearsal is at 3:30 this afternoon. More later.


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