Foundation’s Triumph

I am in the middle of reading Foundation’s Triumph by David Brin. It is the last of the Second Foundation Trilogy and the last of the FOUNDATION series of books to be written. I have re-read all of the other books in the last month or so and now I am into this one.

What’s unusual about this is that I remember almost nothing about this book, except the very end. The very end of the book was so remarkable that it stayed with me in complete detail. But it seems to have done so at the expense of every other detail of the book. This is very unusual for me–at the very least, I usually remember the plot, but in this case–nothing.

I last read the book at the end of April 1999 which is nearly 7 years ago. So I went back to my diary entries of that time and looked to see if I said anything about the book specifically. With the exception of noting how much I enjoyed the ending of the book, the only other comment I made was back on April 28, 1999:

About 150 pages through Foundation’s Triumph. It’s very philosophical and got me thinking quite a bit.

Well, I have no idea why I wrote that. What did it have me thinking about? How was it philosophical? Currently, I’m only about 85 pages through the book so perhaps I have a way to go before I find out answers to these questions. But I think it’s very strange that I can’t remember even the slightest detail. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does. It’s a very eerie feeling to read a book that you know you’ve read before, but for which you have just about no memory whatsoever, save for the last two pages of the story.


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