When will this fever break?

I can tell that it’s going to break soon because about an hour ago I started getting chills, so I wrapped myself up in blankets in order to sweat this thing out. I also took a couple more Advil. I’ve felt a little better since then, but not much. Enough, however, to arise from my stupor and actually check email. Keep in mind, it’s 1:15 PM out here and I’m still in bed!! Here I am getting started on checking email. You can also see Zeke curled up at the foot of my bed, resting as peacefully as I wish I could.

I’ve been drinking fluids but haven’t eaten anything yet today. The reason for this is the whole “starve a fever” theory. I was always certain that was an old wives tale, but this month’s SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN has a short column on why it’s better to starve a fever. Fine, but I’m getting hungry and sooner or later my urge to eat something will outweigh by desire to starve this fever.

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