Is it feed a cold and starve a fever…?

Had another restless night last night and finally, around 11 PM, I got up, went downstairs and ate two large bowls of cereal. I had another when I got up this morning. And I was still hungry at 10:30 AM, and so I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich right then and there, instead of waiting for lunchtime.

I discovered two things about the Comcast package we have (with just about all of the premium channels). There are tons of On Demand movies that we get for free because we get all of the premium On Demand at no extra charge. Many of the movies are presented in HD, too. Second, we have been watching episodes of Weeds On Demand. Last night I discovered that if you choose SHO HD, we can watch the same episodes in HD. Kind of cool!

Casey suggested a local bike shop this morning, so I’m planning on taking my bike over to Spokes after work, and having them repair my tire, show me how to properly do a “quick release”, and adjust the computer so that it works correctly. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to ride my bike into work tomorrow.

We are back in wedding planning mode. Time is beginning to grow cramped. It seems like every weekend is occupied with one thing or another. To wit:

Weekend of August 9-10: Cake tasting, Orioles game, engagement reshoot, possible meeting with officiant, possible visit by AJ and Denisse, dinner with a friend on Saturday.

Weekend of August 16-17: Wedding shower, lots of guests in town for the weekend (rubysnina, he11o_sunshine, stubiebrother, as well as Kelly’s mom and dad.)

Weekend of August 23-24: bigblu4 (Dad) in town for the weekend, Orioles game, possible meeting with officiant (if it doesn’t work out this weekend).

Weekend of August 30-31: Labor Day weekend!

That’s just the rest of this month. I think you get the idea. Where does one find the time? Well, I have gained some time back. My commute is non-existent. A trip to the grocery store takes 2-1/2 minutes via back roads. But still, there’s a lot to do and the clock is ticking away.

And the writer’s workshop starts up on August 18. To say nothing of three consecutive weeks of softball games beginning next Wednesday evening. And various visitors stopping by to see the new place.



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