Late night, early morning

Long day yesterday.  I took an hour at lunch when I worked on my workshop story.  Then I went back to work.  I worked until 6 PM.   I met Kelly at the mall and we headed home.  She had her second and final fitting of the wedding dress last night, so she and Sarah left around 6:30.  I watched an episode of Entourage and an episode of True Blood.  Then I logged in to do some more work.

Kelly and Sarah were back just after 8 PM–and Sarah was stuck at our place for about 2 hours.  There was a police officer shot on I-395 at Glebe Road, which is essentially where our house is.  They freeway, along with the 14th Street bridge was shutdown for a few hours, so Sarah stayed here and waited it out.  She and Kelly watched a movie while I worked.  I wrapped up around 10 PM.

Up at 6 this morning and heading into work early.

The Yankees were eliminated from wild card race last night.  Like Jeter said, they just didn’t play well enough this season.  So their 13 season playoff streak has come to and end.  Coincidentally, Joe Torre was not the manager this year.  Instead, he’s managing the Dodgers and it looks like they might make the playoffs.  I was at least glad to see that Mussina got his 19th win last night–and that he’ll have a chance for his 20th win on Sunday.


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