June? Already?

June 1 falls at the beginning of the week (a Sunday) which means that next Friday will be Friday the Thirteenth. Can you believe it’s already June? Mom’s birthday was yesterday and that means that Doug’s birthday is just a few days away.

Dad and I went to the Orioles/Red Sox game today. Dad’s streak is in tact. No rain. The stadium was packed with Red Sox fans, as usual. The Red Sox had something like 9 hits in the first three innings, and made some terrific defensive plays. I saw Manny hit home run #501 (#500 was last night). It was a fun game.

After the game, we came back home, Dad got some dinner at Boston Market, and then I headed over to Kelly’s friend Sarah’s house to meet Sarah’s parents, who are like a second family to Kelly. They had barbecued and the ribs were outstanding! It was a lot of fun, and I would have stayed longer, but I had to run down to my office to pick up my laptop so that I can work from home in the morning. That took half an hour to do and I was home around 9:40 PM.

I finished up what work I had to do this evening and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m about 110 pages through The Cosmic Connection and I’m really enjoying it. May get a little reading in before turning out the light tonight.


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