Chef salad

Busy, even productive day at work today, even though I wasn’t feeling well. Made progress on several fronts and that felt good. After work I came home and worked on the wedding info website, which is going out on the info sheet with the invitations (probably next week). he11o_sunshine (who did our invitations) is helping with the look and feel of the info site.

Picked up Kelly and we made a chef salad for dinner. Lettuce and some veggies. She made a veggie patty and cut it up in her salad; I had some chopped turkey in mine. We also made hard-boiled eggs (and thanks to rubysnina who reminded me how to make them the right way) which we had in our salads. They turned out really good, and it was the perfect meal for a warm evening like tonight.

iPhone update 2.0.1 came out and I updated my phone this evening. Kelly wants to sync her phone to the iMac, which means that we’ll need to transfer her music and stuff over. I’m thinking about getting an even bigger external hard disk (I’ve got a tiny 100 GB disk on there now; I might look at a 1 TB disk so that we can keep all of our music and stuff in one place.

Getting back into The Count of Monte Cristo now that the move stuff has finished and settled down, and I’m enjoying it once again. It’s interesting reading it on the iPhone, convenient, certainly, but it takes me a little longer to forget where I’m reading it and disappear into the story. Still, I get there eventually.

Final electric bill from the old place came today. And I got email from my landlord telling me that the old house was in great shape and I’m getting my entire $1750 deposit back.

I had planned to go back to the DMV today and get my car registered, but didn’t get around to it. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either, so it will probably have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday (when it’s not crowded).

I’m seeing a lot of blogs of people heading off (or arriving at) World Con. I’m a supporting member only; I wish I could go, but there’s too much going on this year.


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