Finished Harsh Mistress

I finished The Moon is a Harsh Mistress about 10 minutes ago. It was pretty good–I give it 3-stars–but of all Heinlein’s award winning books that I’ve read, I rate it only above Stranger In a Strange Land. I think that Starship Troopers and Doublestar were both better stories. I also liked Podkayne of Mars better too. But it wasn’t bad. The writing style was interesting, different from much of what I’ve read of Heinlein.

I’m going to start reading The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg next and I’m looking forward to the change in pace and style.

I went to T.G.I.Friday’s for a late lunch today–something I rarely to these days anymore. But I was craving quesadilla and figured, why not? When I got home, I read for a little while and soon grew sleepy so I napped for about an hour. It’s been a lazy day.

All chores are taken care of. I’ve still go to pack but that shouldn’t take long. The hosue is clean and I’m more or less ready to head off to L.A. Car picks me up at 5 AM.

If I get into L.A. on time (I’m scheduled to get in at 9:30 AM PT), then I’m supposed to go to Lisa and Andy’s kickball game tomorrow. Lisa is picking me up at the hotel at 11:30. And then dinner with Mom and Dad tomorrow evening.

Oh, one last thing–this is my one hundredth post to this journal. That’s roughly three posts per day over the last month.


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