In Santa Monica

I’m here at the hotel in Santa Moncia, just before 10 AM local time. My flight got in a little early. The flight was more than half empty, I’d estimate. There were some bumps, but nothing I’d consider moderate. I managed to sleep about 2 hours on the flight, and spent most of the rest of the time nearly finishing up The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg,

I’m feeling feverish again–I thought it was perhaps because I was crammed in on the plane, but I don’t know. The only medicine I have with me (because I was feeling better) is Tylenol PM, so I’m running over to the drug store to get some Advil. The Tylenol PM seems to do nothing for the fever.

I managed to get the same room here at the hotel as I did last time–which was back in September, I think. It’s close to the elevators, which is good, but it looks right out onto the pool–in fact, there is a door and I can walk out there directly from my room if I wanted to. I don’t think that will be too much of a problem, as even in late January, swimming conditions aren’t optimal in L.A.

Lisa is picking me up at 11:30 to go to the kickball game. Mom and Dad are meeting me for dinner at 5:30. I’m off to get some Advil and then maybe some breakfast.


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