I spent the last two hours doing nothing but sitting on the couch, listening to music and playing solitaire. I felt like I wanted to do some writing earlier, but just couln’t get into it. So I literally killed time playing solitaire. I am terrible at solitaire. I’ve been trying to decide if there is an actual strategy to the game (without looking it up online) but it seems pretty consistent to me. I love far, far more often then I win. More reinforcement for when I go to Vegas.

Battlestar Galactica is starting up in about 15 minutes and I’m looking forward to that.

No snow yet…looks like I won’t be getting any until sometime tomorrow. But the weather people insist that it’s coming.

Heard from Shannon today and she’s doing pretty good, it sounds, all things considered. I was thinking about her because yesterday, I needed to look up a quote and pulled out my Concise Columbia Dictionary of Quotations which Shannon got me for Christmas 1992. Inside, she wrote:

Someday I will open a book like this to see a quote from you.

and so I sent her an email last night and heard back from her earlier today.

Need to get my train and/or bus tickets to/from NYC for next weekend.

And I’m shooting for an even 40 pushups tonight–eventually.


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