Good writing tonight

For the third night in a row, I have stuck to my new writing regimen, and it is working out well. I had another good session tonight. I’d scheduled two hours (between 7 – 9 PM) to write and hoped to get through two more sections of “The Graveyard Shift”. I got through both sections, completing about 2,500 words in 90 minutes, which is pretty good. I’m also pretty happy with the writing and the story overall, although it is still “first draft” quality. The story now stands at 6,000 words with 6 sections (out of a planned 16) complete. I knew that this was going to be one of the longer stories I’d written in years. At the current pace, the story should end at around 16,000 words, which puts it into the novelette category–the first one I’ve written in ten years. (Probably it will be a little shorter than that, as I imagine the pace will pick up as all the various threads scream toward conclusion, but that’s my guess).

Got an email back from Bill Shunn tonight, responding to the message I sent him last week. Pretty cool to hear from a real writer, as always.


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