Rumors of my unconsciousness are greatly exaggerated

There may be rumors floating around that I passed out on the couch earlier this evening, after having consumed two rather strong Margaritas, but I assure you that these rumors have been greatly exaggerated by someone who drank even more than I did.

In fact, after the initial spread of those allegations, Jason and I each did a shot of tequila, which worked wonders for my mental state, and thereafter I was giddy (and quite conscious) for the rest of the evening. (As you can see, I am writing this journal entry at just after midnight, and I’m perfectly fine, although the exact tilting of the room is another matter.)

Jason made us Margaritas and a delicious steak dinner. I made the mistake of betting Jen that it was Dire Straits, and not Duran, Duran who sang “Relax”. Clearly I was already under the influence when I made this bet. I don’t know what I was thinking. I lost and had to do a shot of tequilla. Jason did one with me so that I didn’t feel completely lonely. Shortly thereafter, however, I offered Jen a crisp new $20 bill if she did a shot of Jager, and after one failed attempt (in which she spit the brown liquid back into the shot glass) she indeed collected on the offer and downed the Jager with only a slight frown. We also talked Jason into this.

Naturally, we drunk-dialed Doug, to keep him informed of the situation. He called back and hour later or so, after we’d left him four messages to make sure everything was okay, and then wished us well.

All-in-all, it’s been a fun evening and after two strong Maragaritas and a shot of Tequila, I’m feeling pretty good.

Incidentally, I only managed 30 pushups tonight but I attribute that to (a) the late hour and (b) the extra sugars in my system. Also, I was a little dizzy moving up and down and up and down and essentially had to stop out of fear of overdoing the dizziness.


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