Almost done with “The Graveyard Shift”

One more session and I will be done with the first draft. I did about 2,000 words tonight, putting the story right at 15,000 words. I figure another 1,500 or so will finish it up, at least of the first draft. I reached the climax tonight, but I had to stop in the middle of it because I am just plain worn out. So I’ve got to try and wrap things up tomorrow. (Ideally, I’d like to finish the first draft tomorrow because I’ve got this notion of 1 story/month, but if I carries over a bit, that’s fine too. The next big task will be reading 80 manuscript pages to see how well the thing flows in its current form.

I did my 90 pushups. I’m beat. I’m off to bed. (And hopefully, to sleep!)


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