Some eggs with that ketchup?

I thought I would end up sleeping in pretty late, having been up so late and for so long, but I was up sometime around 9 AM. Eventually, Andy, Eric, Lisa and I headed out to visit some of the other hotels and casinos. The UConn contingent headed off to watch the UConn game. On our way out, we stopped at the sports books so that various people could place bets on various games. It was all a mystery to me.

We headed south down the Strip and eventually wandered into the MGM where we put our names in for breakfast and then split up to gamble in the casino. I didn’t gamble, I just watched. Andy seemed to win money wherever he sat down. Including when we sat down at breakfast.

For some reason, when we were seated and wating for our food to arrive, I said to Andy, “Five bucks if you drink this entire bottle of ketchup.” There was no way he’d do it, I thought. But come on, this was Andy. He took the bottle, opened it up, stuck in a straw, and proceeded to suck down half the bottle of ketchup without stopping. We couldn’t stop laughing. Half was enough for me. I gave him the five bucks, even though he didn’t finish the entire bottle. It was just like being back in high school.


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