Forthcoming books

Since Gotham is taking so long to read, the list of books that I’d like to read is building up and so I figured I should get it out of my head and onto (virutal) paper so that I don’t forget. So, over the next couple of months, here’s the list of things I plan on reading as it currently stands:

  • I. Asimov: A Memoir by Isaac Asimov
  • In Memory Yet Green by Isaac Asimov
  • In Joy Still Felt by Isaac Asimov
  • His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis
  • 1776 by David McCullough
  • The Way the Future Was by Frederick Pohl
  • Wonder’s Child: My Life In Science Fiction by Jack Williamson
  • Trial and Error by Jack Woodford (if I can find a copy–it’s out of print)

    Based on my normal reading pace, that list should take me through the end of May or early June.

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